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Chiropractic is a form of healthcare that takes a whole body approach.  It focuses on the joints of the body and their connection to muscular and nervous systems. 

Techniques Utilized?

The primary technique of adjusting utilized in office is known as the Diversified Technique.  This is a manual, hands on approach to chiropractic adjustments.  Other techniques include drop table and activator.  All of these techniques are both safe and effective.  Having multiple techniques gives us the ability to tailor treatments to each patient at each visit for whatever condition may currently be ailing them.


Unfortunately, many insurance companies put restrictions on the type and amount of care a patient can receive.  This ultimately leads to you paying out of pocket for your care and limits our ability of providing you with the highest quality of personalized care.

In addition, health insurance companies only allow so many "in-network" providers per specialty, closing it off once they have reached their predetermined capacity, leaving many providers with no option for accepting insurance.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision we will bill your auto insurance on your behalf.

Payment Options?

Our cash prices are very competitive and many are at (or below) the cost of a typical insurance co-pay.

We accept HSA/FSA, all major credit cards, cash or check.